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Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Informatics

One of the most important aspects of the healthcare industry is the safe acquisition, handling, and storage of healthcare data. Regulations require data to be handled securely and discreetly, which is why Healthcare Informatics is such a vital part of the industry.

Keeping electronic medical records requires a trained professional who can accurately compile and enter data, including the proper coding, to ensure accurate data collection. Having the traits necessary to perform this job at a high level means someone who has a high technical aptitude and a high attention to detail. As one of those people, Degree.Me can help you find an educational program that can set you in pursuit of a Healthcare Informatics Bachelor’s Degree, leading to employment in jobs like:

    • Health Informatics Specialist/Manager;
    • Clinical Informatics Specialist/Manager;
    • Healthcare IT Project Manager;
    • Electronic Medica Record Keeper.

Tell Degree.Me what job or degree you’d like to pursue, and we will create a custom education plan to help you earn that degree. The work you do will be your own; we just help you take the first step, because planning your education shouldn’t be as much work as actually finishing it.

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