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For some, the day-to-day of the business world isn’t for them. For those for whom creativity is their chief job skill, jobs in the arts may be an appropriate career choice. For those people, education is equally vital to their success as in any other field.

Jobs in the arts may be something creative such as painter, sculptor, or actor, but for others it means behind-the-scenes work, which can be technically, physically, or mentally demanding work.

Regardless of your field of study, Degree.Me can help you begin identifying and launching your career and educational goals. If you believe careers in the arts are in the offing, you may pursue an educational plan leading you to jobs such as:

  • Photography and videography;
  • Sculpting, painting, or ceramics;
  • Acting;
  • Editing and Production;
  • Animation;
  • Architecture.

Degree.Me matches you up with industry’s best visual, applied, or fine arts programs in your area, with options for online or traditional education options. Get off the couch and into the classroom and transform your job into a career you love. Take the pressure off yourself and get your education rolling in the right direction. Because planning your education shouldn’t be as much work as actually finishing it.

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